I am an author who writes fictional stories based on true events. I write about the dynamics of relationships and the viariables that can wreak havoc and cause choas. I have always been amazed at the coping skills possessed by people. So often we are surprised by a hidden strength that surfaces from within in times of crisis. Please feel free to email me or leave a comment about anything you would like or any questions you may have.


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  1. Hi, Abigail. I caught your discussion with OM at Harsh Reality, but thought I would drop by here instead of commenting there.

    My experience with feminist social workers fighting for women’s “rights” has been sufficiently horrific that it drove me to write a pair of books on the persecution and injustice my children and I faced at their hands. My research led me to understand that social workers here in Ontario operate here under the paradigm of the Duluth Model of domestic violence / DAIP / Coordinated Community Response (CCR).

    The problem is that Duluth is a feminist academic fraud that has been discredited. I can send you the peer-reviewed, published research, if you’re ever interested. (themirrorbooks@gmail.com)

    My first book is being very well received by test readers, most of whom are women: http://navigator1965.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/how-to-write-the-book-that-malcolm-gladwell-wished-he-had-written/

    I’m not trolling or trying to provoke, as I (like you) insist upon civil discourse and a fair exchange of ideas. However, whenever I encounter feminists, especially those with a social work background, I do tend to engage intellectually.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Nav,
      Thanks for the response. I want to hear your experiences. I am so sorry to hear yours were so negative. Trust me when I tell you, I am quite aware that not all Social Workers should be so. I am also quite aware that the horrid bureaucracy that surrounds most social work agencies is beyond nightmarish. If you don’t mind taking the time, please give me some background on what happened with you and your family.
      Thanks again for taking the time.

      • It turns out that feminists have embedded elements of Duluth (e.g., “woman abuse”) into Ontario’s mandatory child protection regulations. There is a cryptic reference to a Professor Peter Jaffe, who is a hero to feminists for his “research” that alleges a strong “woman abuse” (which is bogus) – child abuse correlation.

        Feminist child protection child workers now routinely interfere in divorce child custody cases on mother’s behalf. If she doesn’t get the kids (and the child support), that’s “woman abuse” (which is bogus), which is child “abuse” (thanks to Jaffe, but not in reality), so the child protection social workers falsely claim that the kids are at risk of suffering emotional harm due to the divorce and that mother is the “safe” parent /”primary caregiver.” ESPECIALLY IF SHE IS A CHILD ABUSER.

        (According to feminist “theory,” mother could only be violent if she is a victim of “woman abuse.” So, the child protection social worker’s solution to a dangerous mother in a divorce situation is to get the father driven from the home, with no access to the kids. What they actually do is trap the kids with their abusers. Google “Elaine Campoine” for an example of when this resulted in the death by drowning of two toddler girls at the hands of their deranged mother. “CAS” = Children Aid Society = child protection agency.))

        Happy to let you have a pre-release read of the book, but no pressure / no worries if you’re not interested. I am very hard on social work and workers, so you’ll have to see past this. Once you see how the system works here, my hard stance against social work (to which I had no animosity before my divorce) becomes understandable.

        themirrorbooks@gmail.com if you’re interested. Readers have found it a gripping, hard-to-put-down read.


      • Hi Nav,
        I would love to read your book. Be patient with me though, I am juggling quite a few projects and I may not read it as fast as I normally would.
        This is a situation that I hate. There is research showing a correlation between domestic violence and child abuse, but it has no gender bias attached to it. The mother is certainly not always the most fit custodial parent. Some “expert” comes up with a theory and followers fall in line leaving their critical thinking skills at the door.
        I don’t know if it makes it any better (certainly doesn’t for us) but even as a social worker my hubby and I had somewhat similar experiences with custody of his son. And it makes you feel powerless and abused.

        I know how much it stinks but the one thing I would caution is not to let it color your outlook on all social workers and all feminists. There are many makes and models out there. I fight a similar battle with religious leaders and devout followers since my hubby’s ex was a pastor’s daughter and the whole clan of them were evil and constantly covering each other’s asses with all their ghastly deeds.

        I am simply a feminist because I have seen wrongs that needed righted. Truth be told, Nav, I am just a big ole “ist”. When I see a man bullying someone I stand up to him, when I see a woman bullying someone I stand up to her, and if it is an entire institution, I do my best to change it.

        I moved to Mexico and I am now faced with so many people with such dire needs. I just wrap it all up in the humanist label now.

        Have you had any luck making any changes to the system that abused you?

        Keep strong, remember even some of us SW’s and “ists” care and want to see it turn out as it should.


  2. Abigail,

    Thanks for taking the time to craft such a nice response. No worries about the book–if and when you’re ready and able, and not before.

    I’ve met some really nice women who self-identify as being feminists, and whom I do not have issue with. I suspect that it would be more accurate to say that they, like you, are really female humanists. Besides what happened to the kids and me–feminist state sanctioned parental alienation, which goes on here all the time–, I also noticed the same narcissistic traits in the feminists who were putting the boots to me in my divorce as I had lived in with my ex-wife of 19 years (expert-confirmed).

    I saw these traits again in books by academics who were critical of feminism. I’ve since re-interpreted existing elements of narcissism theory into a unified construct of gender narcissism, and it explains literally everything about feminism (i.e., radical, ideological, or “gender” feminism, which is acknowledged to have taken over the women’s movement).

    Some of my test readers have reported having near epiphanies, as they had dealt with narcissists in their lives without ever really understanding what was happening or why. This is especially true if it was a female narcissist; their an animal of a different stripe than the male narcissist.

    Every effort to work within the system failed, to the point where I maintain that there was a government cover up of serious criminal offences in my case. The book is thus designed to expose what happened in my case (which is typical) and the true nature of feminism.

    I know that not all social workers are evil feminists. However, by attacking social work as a monolithic collective, there is a shared sense of guilt. I am trying to drive a strategic wedge between social work and feminism. I want social workers to understand how feminism actually perverts their calling, to vocally reject it, and especially to self-police their own members into rejecting it.

    The same for judges. I show them no mercy as a collective. I don’t care what they think of me. I want them to understand that their feminist colleagues are manipulative narcissistic liars, and for them to likewise reject their feminist peers and to self-police to eliminate them.

    Thanks for taking the time to write such honest and thoughtful responses to my comments. Much appreciated at this end. My “evil” goal, should you ever have time to read the book, is that it “convert” you to 100% humanism and 0% feminism. };-)>

    Or, in other words, to not really change you at all.


    • Haha! Quite likely to be the case Nav ! It will not be a long wait before I contact you in regards to getting your book. I am a teacher trainer and my second year students are turning in a years worth of material in portfolios that I must grade over Easter break. No Chocolate Bunnies for me 🙂

  3. Nor Easter eggs, too, I imagine. Good luck with all of those portfolios, and whenever you’ve some spare time for reading, you know where to reach me.

    Humanists always welcome, of course. };-)>

    Take care.

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